Deli Breakfast Potatoes

The deli in the neighborhood grocery is a delicatessen in the merest sense of the word. It’s only a steam-table buffet serving such fare as fried/baked chicken or pork chops, stewed beef and vegetables, biscuits, cornbread, cobblers.

Our deli serves these potatoes—along with two kinds of grits and rice—as sides on its breakfast buffet. The lady who runs the deli told me that they use frozen diced potatoes, which they fry in a big pan with a sack of what is called seasoning blend, a mix of diced onions, peppers, and celery. If you don’t happen to have a sack of Ore-Ida or seasoning blend handy, dice raw potatoes and parboil before pan-frying with diced onions and sweet peppers. Season with black pepper and garlic salt. In other parts, these breakfast potatoes are known as diner or O’Brian, but I don’t live in those parts.