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  1. The Year end cloud of dust, replete with the odd boulder, having finally settled sufficient to allow a bit of ‘readlaxation’ I began with the December column and was riveted by your statement, “people living here from across the nation who have good reason not to know”. My father uprooted our little family in nineteen forty-seven and moved us to the coal fields of Kentucky, as far north as he felt possible without suffering a haunting, in search of employment. Our Mississippi roots were carefully potted and brought along to insure we would remain culturally sound and foremost among things transported was cuisine. Over the almost seventy years that I have passed as a reluctant expatriate I have had occasion to suffer through the obviously besotted expression of opinions bleated as fact about our beloved Mississippi’s flaws by legions of those ‘good reason not to know’ folk to which you refer. I have made it standard practice to give a sage nod and encourage their opinion in hopes they would, for God’s sake, refrain from moving in on you; I am at one and the same time apologetic and disappointed to learn that a number sufficient to attract your notice has slipped through the cracks and I vow to try harder in the future. I fear you must deal with homegrown culture deniers on your own.

  2. Dr. Oscar Rogers was not Dean of Students but Dean of the Graduate School. He was also pastor of Asbury Methodist Church in Bolton.

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