Pickled Quail Eggs

Unless you’re one of those who will actually boil or steam then shell several dozen quail eggs–the type who might berate you for using vanilla extract instead of stripping beans–use good canned eggs and either (as here) slit cayennes or sweet bananas. They’re good for a month, then recycle the jar.

Hot Mustard

Many people serve a baked ham for Easter and with it mustard in degrees of heat and sweet. These confections are made in advance, best at least the night before, though always good to have on hand. This recipe is also good with any smoked meat, particularly turkey. Beat well three whole eggs, combine with a cup of Coleman’s dry mustard, a cup of herb vinegar—balsamic or tarragon—and a half cup of light brown sugar. Cook over low heat until thickened, chill and store. This preparation keeps quite well in a tightly sealed container.