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  1. Hi, I grew up in Slate Springs, born in 1945 to Robert Earl Cooper and Mildred Walton Cooper. I’ve been working on a Slate Springs project for almost 15 years, started out interested in genealogy mainly the Cooper and Walton families but it has grown into a much larger project; I keep coming across interesting stories and accounts that I want to ‘use’ in my descriptions, the latest being Made In Mississippi – Calhoun County in the 1830s. I’m aware that it is copyrighted and would like to quote some of the text from this website. How can I get permission?

  2. I very much enjoyed your article about Doe’s Eat Place in Greenville, MS. I enjoyed eating there many times as a guest of the family. Big Doe’s daughter, Martha, and I shared an apartment in Leland where we both worked at Leland High School. Martha was the girl’s basketball coach and a PE teacher and I was the high school librarian. I shared many Sunday lunches with Martha’s family and was very fond of her two aunts who helped with the restaurant. They were a warm, wonderful, welcoming family. Unfortunately, I have lost track of Martha and this article is prompting me to try to locate her and be back in touch.

  3. I absolutely love this! May I post the image to my facebook page, wuth this link attached? Giving thanks in advance.

  4. Thank You for the memories of my dad for me. Vee P. F. We may have spoken on the phone years past. Thank You Again. I actually have another story about when The Ring Dove.

  5. Thank You for the memories of my dad V. P. F. for me. Vee P. F. We may have spoken on the phone years past. Thank You Again. I actually have another story about when The Ring Dove.

  6. Thanks for the stories of my brother LW Thomas. He would no doubt have loved his starring role in them , while guffawing at the attention.

    1. Sandra, thank you so very much for the contact. I loved L.W. with all my heart, as did so very, very many others. And you’re right, he’d have gotten a kick out of me (of all people) making a fuss over him. What a guy. Howard Bahr and I still love to trade stories about him.

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