Grits and Eggs

For six servings, cook one cup grits in one and a half cups water and one cup whole milk with a teaspoon of salt and a tablespoon of butter. Once done, add a half cup of shredded cheese (I like Edam or Gouda). Pour into an oiled casserole or skillet to cool until just warm. Make six depressions in grits about two inches apart with the back of an oiled spoon and break an egg into each hole. Sprinkle with freshly ground black pepper and bake at 350 uncovered until eggs are how you like them (about ten minutes for hard-cooked).

Hot Hominy

This old buffet dish is a wonderful side for cool-weather occasions. Most recipes call for white hominy, but I’ve seen yellow used, and it’s pretty. The hominy should be drained and rinsed to remove the salt. For each (28/32 oz.) can, add two cups cheddar cheese sauce (make your own; you can do it) with a large chopped poblano and a small jar of pimentos. You can add other vegetables–cubed squash/zucchini, kernel corn, or green limas—as well as meat–sausage, bacon, or ham–if you like. Season with salt, white pepper, and chili powder. You can add cayenne for heat; some people use jalapenos. Bake at 300 until hominy is tender, about 20 mins.