Stuffed Bell Peppers

In our neck of the South, stuffed peppers mean mild, fleshy bells filled with a mixture of rice, meat or seafood, usually ground beef or shrimp. A vegetarian version with beans and rice is also wonderful. A lot of people will parboil the peppers beforehand, but this is quite unnecessary. Select peppers that are globular rather than oblong, slice off the top, remove whites and seeds, and fill with your stuffing mixture. I recommend a 50/50 blend in a light tomato sauce seasoned with black pepper, sage and basil. Crowd into a casserole, baste with more sauce and place in a medium (300) oven until peppers are cooked through. Baste again with sauce, top with dry white cheese and bake until toasted.

Stuffed Poblanos

The peppers are stemmed, slit length ways, cleaned and stuffed with beans and cheese mixed with a salsa, seasonings (garlic, cumin and pepper) and a little meal to bind, placed on a bed of ripe tomatoes and baked at 400 for about twenty minutes or until bubbling. These are great over rice as a side to grilled meats.