Coleman’s Mustard Sauce

Best made the night before. Beat well three whole eggs, combine with a cup of Coleman’s dry mustard, a cup of herb vinegar and a half cup of light brown sugar. Cook over low heat until thickened, cool, and refrigerate. This sauce is good with any smoked meat, particularly turkey.


What the Irish call colcannon we call kale and potatoes, a simple, hearty recipe that’s the perfect side for baked ham. For two servings, use one large starchy potato (russet) to a packed cup of raw, chopped kale. Cut potatoes into chunks, boil vigorously until very soft, and whip with milk and butter. These don’t have to be perfectly smooth; in fact, they’re better a little lumpy, if you ask me (and I know you didn’t). Boil the kale–you don’t want to use blanched kale—drain, and toss with a melted butter. Mix the potatoes and kale together, season with salt and white pepper. Some people cook green onions with the kale, but I prefer them raw as a garnish. You can thin this basic recipe with milk or broth to make a soup or you can spoon it into a casserole and bake it topped with a semi-hard cheese. It is a traditional side dish with ham, though it goes just as well with anything, anytime.