The Cheese Straw Alternative

Admit it; making cheese straws is a pain in the butt. Though they’re a must on your browsing buffets (if not, someone sniffy is bound to say, “Oh, I should have brought you MY WONDERFUL cheese straws!”), they still aren’t something you might feel like throwing together for a more casual gathering like a bowl game, backyard picnic or that special moment when you both decided to get married last night and your mother(s) held you at gunpoint to have a reception.

Fortunately there is an alternative to dragging out the cookie press, stuffing it full of dough, mushing out the sticks and (worst part) cleaning the press.: Brit cheddar biscuits. Now, what the Brits call biscuits are a far cry from our big, fluffy Southern variety; over the Pond, our biscuits would be called scones, while what Brits and their ilk call biscuits are more like what we would call wafers or cookies. So while you might be most familiar with cheese biscuits along the lines of those at Red Lobster, the Brits do a cheese biscuit that’s thin, crisp, and much easier.

Simply make a dough with one cup plain flour, one cup grated sharp cheddar and one stick of softened butter, add a little salt, a little white pepper, roll out, shape with a cookie cutter (which is quite easy to clean) and bake at 350 until nice and crisp. Dust with strong paprika and a little cayenne thrown in to piss off the preacher.



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  1. Timely topic! In fact, in preparing for a recent book group gathering, I decided to make my own cheese straws. I dug out my fancy German cookie press, packed in the dough, pressed the trigger, and…nothing. That plug of cheese, butter, flour (and just a soupcon of cayenne and smoked paprika) wasn’t fixin’ to extrude NO time soon. I tried until my wrists ached. Rats. So, I dug it all out, rolled the stuff into “snakes” about 1” in diameter, chilled ‘em, then sliced into precise rounds. Much easier than a cookie cutter, in my view, and made for consistent shapes.

    Merry Christmas! I enjoy your blog.

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