Tamale Pie

Tamale pie is made by all kinds of people for all kinds of occasions. The bones of controversy in this dish (and I assure you that there will always be an absolute skeleton in any given bowl, plate, or skewer of anything) involve the use of cheese in the bread and beans in the chili. Me, I bake plain cornbread batter over a pan of mild chili with beans and call it tamale pie.


3 Replies to “Tamale Pie”

  1. I put a layer of tamales in a casserole dish, cover with a layer of chili beans, and bake until hot through and through.

    I also make what you describe and call it a cornbread chili pie.

  2. Cooks will fight about anything, even recipes for tamale pie.
    The real fight worth fighting for?
    Cornbread made with sugar and flour. Ugh. Double ugh.

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