Stewed Greens

Some people cook roots with greens, but I don’t. Cut three bunches of turnip and two of mustard right above the gather.  Strip the leaves from the stems and put them into a clean stoppered sink. Sprinkle with a generous amount of salt, cover with cold water, and agitate to knock off sand and other debris. Repeat the process until the greens are thoroughly clean; there’s nothing worse than gritty greens. Load leaves into a big pot on medium heat, add about two cups of light stock, a chopped white onion, and a pound of bone-in ham or turkey. Reduce heat and cover. Stew, stirring occasionally, for at least two hours, adjust salt, add a little pepper, and let sit a bit to set before serving.

2 Replies to “Stewed Greens”

  1. I love greens so much I don’t even bother removing the stems. I just chop it all up and saute in a skillet a serve it with goat cheese. Makes me want some right now.

  2. I also like to stir fry collards with chopped chicken gizzards, oyster sauce and hot pepper. Man, that is some eatin’!

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