Top Twelve Mississippi Recipes

The first time I submitted a Mississippi top twelve, it was like throwing a June bug down in a flock of chickens.

The pot roast was devastated by a barrage of loyalists who maintained it’s “just got Yankee written all over it.” The red velvet cake was accused, convicted, and shot for being a Waldorf recipe, and the pecan pie was mined by a sweet potato. I substituted pound cake for red velvet and sweet potato pie for pecan. The roast lost to stewed greens–which damn near lost out to limas.

Here’s the treaty, but rumor has it the pecan pie faction plans a fifth column action from Belzoni.


Stewed Greens

Cut, strip, and tear three bunches of turnip and two of mustard greens. Peel and cube turnip roots to cook or not.

Put greens in a clean stoppered sink, sprinkle with salt, cover with water, and agitate to knock off sand and other debris. Repeat until thoroughly clean. Drain thoroughly and load into a pot on medium heat. Add about two cups of water or light stock, a chopped white onion, and a pound of sliced bone-in ham or smoked turkey tail.

Reduce heat and cover. Stew, stirring occasionally, for at least two hours. Adjust salt, add a little pepper, and let sit before serving.