Red Rose Sausage

You’ll find imitation smoked sausages sold in ropes across the Lower South, most often in the freezer section

In central Mississippi, our signature brand is Red Rose, which was originally produced by the Jackson Packing Company in 1945. Polk’s Meat Products (“Picky People Pick Polk’s”) in Magee purchased the brand in 1990.

Two landmark restaurants in Jackson, the Beatty Street Grocery and the Big Apple Inn on Farish, offer Red Rose, and Polk’s gets plenty mail orders from expatriated Mississippians who loved and remember Red Rose on the table.

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  1. I live in Kansas but were born in Mississippi lodge the sausages was wondering is it possible to ship to Lawrence Kansas

  2. I like to order the Red Rose sausage and have shipped to me in Boston, MA.. I was born in Hattiesburg MS and love to get these sausage shipped to me.

    1. Hi Bettye, can you please share where you ate able to order and have shipped the Red Rose sausage. My sister and I have been searching and having a hard time locating a distributor. Appreciate any information you can provide. Thx!!

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