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  1. Tried to leave a comment but not sure it went through. I wanted to know if wild boar are descended from domestic hogs who escaped and became feral? Do you know if this is the case? Or are domestic hogs descended from wild boar? Either way, sounds like you guys had a real feast!

    1. Swine are not native to the New World. Settlers often released hogs in the woods during the summer and they would round them up in the winter for slaughter. Of course many of these became wild. And the feral hog population has surely been augmented by escaped domestics as well. They’re a real problem here.

  2. Thanks for the info.

    Are they mean? I guess I don’t know hogs well enough to understand the problem, but they do taste good. I have eaten wild boar once, and it was to my liking.

    I don’t know if Mississippi is having problems with coyotes, but they are spreading out across the South. Now, there is a problem. They will attack.

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