My Baby Skillet

One of the most cherished and versatile elements of my batterie de cuisine is a well-seasoned 6” cast iron skillet. My sister Cindy, who I got it from, said it was her “baby skillet”. Cindy called anything of a diminutive nature a “baby”; to her, a hand spade was a “baby shovel”, and I swear I once heard her call Massachusetts a “baby state”. “Cindy, it’s the Bay State.” I observed. “That’s not what I said,” she replied. I let the subject drop; I’d learned a long time ago that you can’t win an argument with a big sister.

This little skillet is just the thing you need to use for baking short breads in small amounts. Suppose you’re having just a few people over for breakfast, and you want to make biscuits. This little honey is perfect baking for good half-dozen (or four catheads). It’s also ideal for a pan of cornbread that will feed at least four and a meat loaf that will feed three. When it comes to baked pasta, I would dearly love to have more of these for a manicotti party, one pan of four for every two people. They’re inexpensive compared to a cast-iron Dutch oven, but if you’re lucky like me you get one from someone you love.


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  1. But do you have a Wapak? 🙂 I saw a set of three small pans at Montgomery. I may see what I can do with them. I made cornbread in the Wapak, but it was way too much. Not that that held us back!

  2. I don’t know, I’ve never looked. My utensils are very old; I’m proud to have them, but I’ve never thought of them in terms of bragging rights, and certainly never thought I’d have anyone deride me because I don’t have top-of-the-line cast iron cookery. I also live in a one-bedroom apartment and don’t have a car, in case you want to brag about square footage or whatever SUV you have parked in your garage.

  3. I love my baby skillet too. But oh, my chicken fryer! It came from a great aunt, as did most of my other cast iron. I have a flat griddle that is cracked but my husband still uses it to bake biscuits on. I wouldn’t trade my hand me down cast iron doe all the le Creuset (sp) in the world!

  4. Jesse I inherited one too. But mine came with instructions to only cook cornbread in it. But youre right. Its one of lifes little treasures!

  5. I have several cast iron pieces, all handed down. The baby skillet is perfect for cornbread! I use my pieces all the time, and think of my parents when I do. Wouldn’t trade them for the world!

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