Chicken Sausage

Grind 5 pounds chicken meat and skin through a ¼” plate into a large bowl. I boned thighs and throw in a couple of boneless breast halves. Add two tablespoons salt, a tablespoon ground black pepper (more if you want), and a quarter cup each of fresh chopped sage, thyme, and parsley,. Some people add cayenne, but don’t; it kills the herbs.

Blend in a half cup fresh chopped green onion, along with a half cup cold chicken broth. Mix very well, and refrigerate before stuffing loosely into casings. (You’ll need about 12 feet.) Twist sausages into about 6-inch links, and refrigerate overnight to let the seasoning work through the meat. This also makes patties.

Don’t keep this sausage sit in the fridge raw. If you’re not going to use them the following day, freeze them.

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