Mock Oysters Rockefeller

Every recipe you’ll for this old buffet dish uses chopped frozen broccoli and cheddar, which makes you wonder why anyone would call it any kind of a Rockefeller in the first place, even a mock one.

While this version lacks the definitive Pernod/Ouzo/Anisette (nothing to keep you from adding a slash or so) it does have spinach and parsley, which seem to be the only ingredients that most deem essential for an honest oysters Rockefeller.

Sauté 4 cups chopped spinach with 1 bunch chopped green onions and a cup of chopped parsley in a stick of butter. Cool, add a cup of Parmesan, and about a half cup of crumbled bacon. Mix well, salt and pepper to taste.

Remove stems from portabella caps; you can mince these and add them to the spinach mix if you like. Brush caps with olive oil, sprinkle with salt, and place on a baking sheet.

Spoon spinach mixture on caps, top with more crumbled bacon and Parmesan, and bake at 350 until cheese is toasted.

Chicken Livers Bourguignon

This is a wonderful buffet item, particularly for an after-event gathering. You could serve this with a buttery pasta, but I think rice works better.

Drain and trim one pound chicken livers. Sauté in butter with a sprinkling of black pepper until just done through; you want them pink, not overcooked. Set aside. In another pan, sauté a finely-minced clove of garlic and two large diced shallots in a quarter stick or so of butter until shallots are cooked. Add a cup of thickly-sliced mushrooms, sift in two tablespoons of flour, and mix well.

Stir in enough beef stock to make a generous sauce, add a slosh or so of good red wine, season with thyme and rosemary, then reduce until thick and smooth. Add drained livers, mix well, salt to taste, and finish with another jolt of wine and a bit of butter.

Garlic Chicken Rolls

Fillet boneless chicken breasts, pound thinly, and spread with softened butter seasoned with white pepper and finely-minced garlic. Top with diced peppers and grated white cheese. Roll and secure with toothpicks. Beat 1 whole egg with 2 cups water, brush chicken rolls, and coat with seasoned bread crumbs. Freeze for about an hour. Roast in a medium (350) oven until lightly browned. Remove picks, slice and serve with a mustard chutney.