Love a Duck

Now that it’s warm enough to wear wife beaters, those rascals in the Greater Belhaven “There Goes the Neighborhood” Association plan on holding their annual White Trash Bash, and soon the middle stretch of Poplar Boulevard will fog with the aroma of heart-hindering foods cooking over carbon footprints. This year the guys in the Dirty Rice Duck Hunting Club are grilling stuffed breast of duck. These morsels are perfect for any gathering where folks meet and greet, rant, and rave, and try to rise above their raising, which of course is any gathering you will ever attend anywhere or any time in your measly little life.

If you don’t know a duck hunter, befriend one; they always seem to have an extra fowl in the freezer. Most often they’ll tell you how to how to cook them as well; after all, they shot the damn thing. Hunters and fishermen who can cook really well – like Billy Joe Cross, bless his soul – should be designated national treasures. Heck, if Japan can give a tofu maker a house, we ought to buy Billy Joe a Cadillac.

Like most game recipes, this one involves a marinade. Some marinades, especially those involving acidic ingredients such as citrus juice or vinegar, act as a tenderizer, and are primarily reserved for use with larger game such as deer or boar. With duck breasts, the marinade is for flavor. It’s also very simple: one cup of soy sauce, one half-cup of brown sugar, two tablespoons olive oil, 2 garlic cloves, finely minced, and a dash of black pepper. Marinate split, boned breasts of duck in this mixture for three hours. Stuff each breast with sliced onion and jalapeno. Wrap each breast in bacon, secure with a toothpick, and grill or broil.