Shelly (Pinto) Beans

Shelly beans are a beautiful variety of pinto beans that are usually harvested before the pod turns leathery and the beans dry. At this point, you can cook them as you would snap beans, but we usually shell them, cook them until tender and season with salt, pepper, garlic and olive oil. See if you can find them in your local farmer’s market.

The Great American Writers’ Cookbook

This compendium was published by Yoknapatawpha Press in 1981. Dean Faulkner Wells and her husband Larry collected 200 recipes from 175 American writers, all among the finest of their generation, but most predictably far better at writing than cooking, as hinted at in the introductory quote by John Cheever: “The only time I ever go into a kitchen is when I’m being chased out the back door.” Claiborne penned a clever introduction in which he mentions Winifred Green Cheney’s “Squash Eudora” recipe that he miscredits to the Symphony League of Jackson’s The Jackson Cookbook (1971) instead of Winifred’s Southern Hospitality Cookbook (1976), where it was originally published.