Welty Memorial Biography

This document was distributed on July 26, 2001 at a memorial held for Eudora Welty in Mississippi’s Old Capitol in Jackson. Welty’s closed casket was presented in the rotunda of the Old Capitol, covered with a white pall bearing a purple cross. On a nearby stand was a portrait of Welty late in life. Mourners waited their turn outside the 1835 brick building; within the first hour, about 200 people lined the sidewalks.

The Department of Archives and History honored Welty as just the fourth person to receive a public viewing at the Old Capitol since 1961. Such an invitation is extended only after a unanimous vote by the department’s nine-member board of trustees. Memorialized earlier were former Gov. J.P. Coleman, former Sen. John C. Stennis, D-Miss., and Mississippi author Willie Morris.

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