Tomato Canapés from Mont Helena

This wonderful recipe comes from Feeding the Flock: A Collection of Recipes from the Rolling Fork Methodist Church (2003) and was contributed by Marilyn Tilghman, a member of the church who is also a caterer. Melissa Thomas, assistant coordinator of the Lower Delta Organization tells me that Marilyn prepares these for the reception at the annual presentation of the play A Dream Revisited at historic Mont Helena, a Colonial revival home built atop a mound in the Mississippi Delta near Rolling Fork, God help us all.

For forty canapés, fry to a crisp and crumble 1 pound bacon. Add to 2 cups (or more if needed) mayonnaise and 2 bunches of green onions; make sure to cut off about 1/2 of the green since it tends to be rather tough, then chop up the remaining onion in a small chop/dice. If that seems to be too much onion for your taste just reduce the amount. Season with a teaspoon dill leaves, a teaspoon Tony Cachere’s Seasoning (original; more if you like) and black pepper to taste. Spread on 2 inch rounds of bread (I use soft white), top with tomato slices (Roma is recommended) that have been lightly salted and drained between layers of paper towels. Top with dill.

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