The Perfect Yippity Redneck Stoner Food

My friend Dan oozes in concentration and understanding with ease from one damn complicated subject to the other—law and biology, for an example—and in a recent brief, shining moment of insight, his brow stroked by some muse on her fifth beer comes up with a notion of unadulterated genius: Scotch pickled eggs, a pickled egg wrapped in sausage and deep-fried. And no bitch, I don’t have the recipe yet.

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  1. HI
    Love your article that included info on the Rebel passenger train in 1938.
    In 1935 there was also another unique railroad passenger car a self propelled, that operated between Jackson MS and Tylertown MS. Used the Pullman Railplane a unique vehicle in itself. Scheduled service commenced on 6 Jan 1935,
    I am looking for any advertising material of the service and photos of the Railplane operating in MS.
    If you or your readers are able to furnish any such info that would be great.
    I live in New Zealand. A long way from the action. Thankyou.
    Charles Harris

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