Stuffed Poblanos

The peppers are stemmed, slit length ways, cleaned and stuffed with beans and cheese mixed with a salsa, seasonings (garlic, cumin and pepper) and a little meal to bind, placed on a bed of ripe tomatoes and baked at 400 for about twenty minutes or until bubbling. These are great over rice as a side to grilled meats.


Poblano Harvest

Poblanos have become a staple in my kitchen for two reasons: they have far more flavor and are more versatile than bells, plus they’re ridiculously easy to grow in the middle South. These fruit were harvested before our first freeze here, and will find their way into dozens of dishes, most especially for those I’m planning on making for the Feast of Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, which coincides with the day of my birth. And I’m very proud of that, very proud indeed.

Buddy’s Peppers

My friend Buddy has a big garden in Pocahontas, and he brought me a huge batch of peppers today. I’ll pickle most of them, but I want to make a mash with some. Either way, I’m set for seasoning winter greens and dried beans.