Red Rose Sausage

You’ll find imitation smoked sausages in supermarkets all across the Lower South, but in Mississippi our signature brand is Red Rose, originally produced by the Jackson Packing Company, which from 1945 to 1990 sold processed meats from their plant on South Gallatin Street. Red Rose was marketed under the company’s flagship “Magnolia” brand, which was purchased by Polk’s Meat Products in Magee (“Picky People Pick Polk’s”).

Sold in ropes most often found in the freezer section, Red Rose at home is usually sliced into sections, fried or grilled and served with beans or potatoes. Two landmark restaurants in Jackson, the Beatty Street Grocery and the Big Apple Inn on Farish, feature Red Rose in sandwiches. You’re certain to find many people who consider imitation smoked sausage a culinary/nutritional atrocity, but the Polk’s company gets mail orders from all over the country sent by people who grew up in Mississippi and remember their mothers serving Red Rose on the table, knowing it would make everyone happy.

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  1. When it was announced they were going out of business, John Russell (Merchants Company) called me and we went out and bought all we could. We also bought some boxes that had been made especially for Al’s Half Shell on highway 80 for their red beans and rice.

  2. Hello I brought some red rose saugeages at the market in Cincinnati Ohio I didn’t know how to cook them thanks for the information on how I should cook them !

  3. First i would like to say ive eaten ur product all my life n im 53 yrs old. I would like to thk u from a small town in ms called crawford for proving so many wonderful memories. But every since 2000 ur product has been a little disappointing because of such a small size n at one point it didnt have that original taste. Please go back to the good old days. Yall have feed families for all meals of the day u have a great product that means so much to not only myself but so many others thk u

    1. I grew up in a small town Next to Crawford Mississippi..ii grew up in Artesia Mississippi…my dad was from Crawford….i am trying to find that red rose… last time i bought some in Columbus Mississippi it was very expensive & very small pack but I really wanted, grit my teeth and bought it….wish they made it like when I was a lil girl..

  4. Pig ears from Big Apple are more recognizable than the ingredients on that sausage!
    But I loves me some Red Rose sausage sandwich from Beatty Street Grocery!

  5. I was born and raised in Canton Mississippi, me and my sisters and brothers grow up enough the great taste of the original red rose smoke sausage. My mom had a hard time keeping them in the house. Now I lives in the state of Indiana and they do have them here, but how yawning for their tastes often. The needed places to get it is Wisconsin and that’s a drive. I wish there was someplace closer. Please find a way to get them to South Bend, In. Or if there was a way I can order them.

    1. I grew up in Beulah, Ms. on Sunday mornings my mother would always prepare our breakfast, with at the time, we called them Hot Sausage. I have tried to buy them from Ms., but they don’t taste the same anymore. Any place where I can order them the old fashion way?

  6. I believe these are the hotlinks I grew up on and there are non better I’ve been looking for this product for quite a while now I’m deeply saddened to hear that you’re out of business is there no where else that these are sold or do you all have any recommendations because here in Arizona there is nothing even close have a blessed day

  7. In the summers, my parents’ neighbors would yell “grilling some hot links tonight!” We would walk over with daddy’s home canned dill pickles, cheese, and crackers. What a feast we had! Thanks for the memories!

  8. Yea, I grew up in Artesia Mississippi eating this…thank u so much..I lives in Kansas and been trying to find em..

  9. Anyone looking for Red Rose or Magnolia Sausage go to polk meat products website and u can get all the information you would like on it! Both are Still produced in Mississippi under their same label , but have been bought out by Polks Meat Products! Hope this helps

  10. Please someone tell me where I can buy them in Riverside. California. I am from Jonestown. Miss and clarksdale miss. And I was Eating red winner’s. & Red rose sausage. So please tell me where I can sent and buy them. Love love ????


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