Mommie’s Meatloaf

Throughout her career, Joan Crawford took great care in cultivating her public persona, which was a tight-wire act between that of a major movie star and an All-American mother. Ten years before her death, she published My Way of Life (1971), her blueprint for success, but her meatloaf recipe is a wretched failure.

“I use two pounds of ground sirloin, a pound of ground veal, and a pound of sausage meat…thoroughly mixed with three eggs, a bottle of A-1, a good lacing of Worcestershire, a lot of seasoned salt, and finely chopped purple onion and green peppers. I hide four hard-boiled eggs inside the loaf and before it goes into the oven I dribble over more A-1 and Worcestershire and seasoned salt so that a crust will form.”

While it’s not something that I’d cook (a bottle of A-1?), Joan’s addition of hard-boiled eggs is in line with most recipes from around the world; eggs contribute to the protein content and it also looks good sliced. Christina didn’t mention Joan’s meatloaf with the wire hangers, but I sure would have.

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