Jesse’s Muffaletta Relish

Drain and chop a cup of giardiniera; combine with a cup each of minced/diced pimento-stuffed green and pitted black olives. Add a quarter cup each chopped white onion, minced celery, and chopped parsley/green onions. Mix well. In a separate bowl put a quarter cup of olive oil, add three finely minced  toes of garlic, and a quarter cup mild vinegar. (Don’t use use apple cider; it totally clashes with the vibe.) Add a tablespoon or so of Italian seasoning, maybe a teaspoon or two of coarsely-ground black pepper, and two tablespoons of smashed and minced capers. Blend vigorously with a small whip or shake in a jar. Pour over the olives and giardiniera mix and blend well. You can put this is a food processor if you want a smoother texture. Let sit for at least an hour and stir well before using. This will keep for about two weeks in the fridge.

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