Farish Street Financial Timeline







1 10/9/81


CDBG* Revitalization study


CDBG Extension of study
3 7/23/82


Grant, National Endowment for the Humanities via JSU Historical survey of Farish Street
4 12/10/89


CDBG Infrastructure, business loans, housing


CDBG Farish Street park
6 11/22/94


Jackson/Hinds Co. Mary Means (Means Consulting)
7 11/22/95


State of Ms. Alamo renovation
8 3/7/96


National Trust for Historic Preservation/State of Ms. Renovation of Scott Ford House


Acquisition of property in Farish St. district
10 3/26/98


National Equity Fund; $600,000 from local banks; $350,000, CDBG (city) “Rehab” of 37 historic houses
11 4/27/99


State of Ms. Farish St. revitalization
12 4/27/99


Fannie Mae Farish St. revitalization (matching of state funds
13 3/23/01


HUD? Infrastructure
14 5/22/01


City of Jackson water and sewer fund Infrastructure
15 1/12/02


($50,000 J. Paul Getty Trust; $12,500 Ms. Dept. Archives and History; $3,500 Gannett, Inc.; $8,000 ChemFirst, Inc.) Farish St./Scott-Ford Museum
16 3/8/11


Civil rights grant(?) Medgar Evers House Museum


*(Community Development Block Grant – HUD)

Not included in this document are amounts for donations of real estate (e.g.: from state of Mississippi; donation of Alamo from Sunburst Bank), funding for the Smith-Robertson Museum and contract fees paid to Performa Entertainment and subsequent developers.

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  1. I was Federal Programs Administrator for the City when we allocated CDBG funds for Farish Street with much of it going to acquire property in the two block area from Amite St. to Hamilton St. for the Entertainment District and for the infrastructure improvements. What concerns me is that from the Yarber administration to the present the Farish Street Entertainment District is not being given the attention and priority it deserves. It would create jobs and spur the revitalization of downtown Jackson.

  2. I was Federal Programs Administrator for the City of Jackson when we allocated CDBG funds for the Farish Street Entertainment District for the acquisition of properties and infrastructure improvements. Unfortunately since the Yarber administration Farish Street has not been given the priority it deserves. It would create jobs and revitalize downtown Jackson

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