Albondigas in Salsa Verde

You’ll most often find albondingas as tapas, but I like to make them much larger for an entree. It’s certain that a Spanish name exists for this recipe, but I’ll just have to wait until someone admonishes me to learn it; that’s usually the way things work in my world.

Mix pork and beef 1:1; ground pork can be hard to find, so I usually substitute a mild pork sausage. If you’re using plain pork, add salt, pepper, smoky paprika, and a hefty dose of granulated garlic. Moisten a cup of breadcrumbs with milk, and mix in a beaten egg; add this slurry to the meat mixture, and work with your fingers until thoroughly blended. Form into snooker balls, and poach in lightly salted water until firm. Place in a hot oven to brown. Remove, coat lightly with salsa, top with queso, and return to oven until cheese is lightly browned. Serve hot with more salsa and fresh corn tortillas.

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