A Katrina Diary

August 27, 2005 According to NWS projections, Katrina is dead on for Jackson, passing slightly to the east sometime late Monday or early Tuesday

Mon., Aug. 29, 11:59am We have sustained winds of over 30 mph, and gusts in excess of 50. The driving rain is almost parallel to the ground at times. We’re expecting the eye to pass to the east of here within the next three hours, with hurricane-force winds (>71 mpg).

1:21pm Things are getting really dark and windy here, and I suspect we’ll be without power for a while. Cindy and I are both on the medical corridor grid, which means we’ll be back up and running quicker than most, but it’s going to be bad. I’ve never seen winds and rain like this before. The coast took a massive hit; nobody knows what’s going on down there.

Wed. Aug. 31, 4:17pm Power is still off.  Two huge trees have blocked the street (Moody), so it may be awhile before we get power. Had tremendous amount of debris in my yard but no trees down or damage to my house. During the worst part of the storm, we had a battery television that kept us informed into the night. Yesterday we got out to get ice and gas. What chaos! People were almost fighting over ice. The gas lines were so long people were running out while in line.  We finally were able to get gas and were so thankful to have a/c in the car. We then went and stood in line to get ice. Jackson is under a curfew and trees are down all over town. Everything in my freezer is gone. I attempted to take a bath this morning and the water was the color of mud. In addition to all this hell, we also have to deal with thousands of Cajuns all over town.

Sept.2, 8:15 am So far no work has even begun on any of the huge trees that are down. Belhaven was really hard hit. One of my neighbors has set up a tent in the front yard and she sleeps out there at night. Power is still not restored to Fortification Street so our grocery store has not reopened and the gas lines are unreal. I have seen so many altercations at gas stations. Most people run out while waiting and cars are all over the road.

Sept.6, Noon The entire Belhaven area in Jackson received massive storm damage; we love our trees, and we endure with them. Power was restored Saturday in Belhaven Heights, Sunday evening on Poplar. The one fatality in the Jackson metro area occurred down the street.

Sept.10, 11am While we still have piles of debris in Jackson, things seem to have returned to some state of normalcy. Temperatures are actually finally cooling down, and it’s nice to sit on the back stoop and listen to the cicadas. This is one we’ll all remember for a long time.

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