Sister’s Roses

The garden needs room for future plans, and the scraggly bed of roses grown from my sister Cindy’s cuttings are not only vulnerable, but expendable. Unruly and short-seasoned, they make an impression in May but soon fade and drop, leaving long thorny stems stretching over the walkway. They also take up one of my best spaces, a raised bed on a southern exposure, a perfect place for spring greens, irises and daffodils. I’ll uproot the rose shrubs this coming month, but I will take cuttings, root and find room for them. Indeed I will.

Banana Pepper Relish

Dice a pound of sweet banana peppers (you can throw a hot one in if you like), a bell pepper, a large white onion and shred finely a quarter head of cabbage. Add a grated carrot and two finely-minced cloves of garlic. Dust with salt and sugar (about 3:1), pack into jars and cover with hot vinegar. Seal, cool and refrigerate for two days before using. This relish is very good with grilled meats of any kind, particularly sausages.