12 Dishes Every Southerner Should Know How to Cook

If you ever want to stir up a lot of fuss (something I’d generally advise against), ask a group of people about food. I submitted a preliminary list of twelve kitchen essentials for a Southerner to my friends, among them many talented cooks, and it was like throwing a June bug down into a flock of ducks. The pot roast was devastated by a barrage of detractors who claimed that it’s just got Yankee written all over it, the red velvet cake was gunned down as a Waldorf recipe and the pecan pie was mined by a sweet potato. So I substituted a pound cake and sweet potato pie for the red velvet and pecan, stewed greens, which almost lost out to butter beans, for the roast, and achieved some degree of consensus. This list deserves a Purple Heart at least.

Buttermilk biscuits
Pimento cheese
Fried chicken
Barbecued ribs
Pound cake
Fruit cobbler
Cornbread dressing
Chicken and dumplings
Sweet potato pie
Banana pudding
Stewed greens

4 Replies to “12 Dishes Every Southerner Should Know How to Cook”

  1. I can do a creditable job with all of them except the barbequed ribs. When E&L is around, why should I even try?

    1. *shrug* If you got the money and the wheels, then you have no need to try at all. Me, I have a hard time walking there, carrying it back and paying twenty bucks just to do it.

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